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GS 1000

Geometry Measuring Machines

  • Measurement of axial and radial runout
  • FFT analysis
  • Measurement of rotors with varying diameters
  • Fully automatic sequence of operations
  • Interfacing with production lines
  • Integration into vertical-axis balancing machines
  • Separate machines available for short cycle times
  • NC control
  • PC based measurement instrument


  • Integrated into a vertical-axis balancing machine or as a seperate station
  • Fully automatic sequence of operations with freely progammable controller with fault diagnosis
  • Evaluation by means of PC
  • Work-piece clamping and measurement of required features
  • Manual loading of machine, optionally with handling and conveyor equipment

Range of application

Measurement of diameter an runout including FFT analysis on brake discs, torque converters, pulleys, shafts and clutch discs.

Depending on application, the measuing system may be integrated into a single- or multi-station vertical-axis balancing machine. If shorter cycle times are required, a seperate machine should be used
Technical data
Measuring unit    Measuring system Integrated in vertical machines CAB 950 V  Stationary systems Type GS 1000 Torque converter CAB 950 Diagnosis  Stationary systems Type GS 1000 Brake disk CAB 950 Diagnosis   
Integrated measurement    •        
Separate measuring system      •  •   
Manual loading    •  •  •   
Automatic loading    •  •  •   
Pulleys, flywheels    •       
Vibration dampers, fans, turbines    •       
Torque converters      •     
Brake discs        •   
Weight  [kg]  up to 100 kg  up to 50 kg  up to 50 kg   
Diameter, max.  [mm]  600  400  400   
Height, max.  [mm]  200  300  300   
Width A  [mm]  2100  2100  2100   
Depth B  [mm]  3300  3300  3300   
Height C  [mm]  2600  2600  2600   
Radial runout    •  •  •   
Axial runout    •  •  •   
Diameter determination    •  •  •   
Waviness        •   
Concentricity        •   
Roundness      •     
FFT analysis        •   
Temperature coefficient        •   
Axial play (bearing play)      •     
Basic machine  Order-Nr.  R1000100.01  R1000200.01  R1000300.01   

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